The School

Your money makes great things happen at St. George’s school.

The library has been re-stocked with books the children have helped select.

We have brought in extra Maths support resources for every class.

More up to date IT equipment.

A large contribution towards an all-weather track and new play equipment

Helping fund events such as “The Big Draw” and many other activities.

We have painted a new netball court and installed a ball catcher for the children to use.

Exiting, educational and enjoyable trips for the children.

Festive parties and presents for the whole school.

So, a big thank you to all of you who join us on the walk - we hope you have a good time and we're very grateful for the funds you generate for our school!

Keeping Clun green and beautiful

As an ECO “Green Flag” school we try to be as sustainable as possible; we have had Green Flag status for many years and are constantly striving to improve our environmental performance.

In order to further support this we no longer use disposable plastic cups and try to limit the amount of waste generated on the walk.

To help us with this we ask that you bring your own mug for tea/coffee at the checkpoints and refillable bottles to carry water and refill at designated points.

Get involved